Web Hosting Manager

Managing POP3 Email Accounts

There are some basic information about your POP3 Emails.
a. Click to go to the POP3 Account Management.

You can create any POP3 Email Accounts easily. Just three simple steps.
1. Enter the name of the Email accout you want to create.
2. Input the password of the Email account you want to create, input once again to confirm.
3. Set the quota(storage of Email) of the Email account you want to create. [Optional Features]
You can edit your POP3 account by selecting the POP3 Email account first, then click edit.
Then you see above in the following page.
1. This shows which account you are editing.
2. You can change the description here.
3. Quota can be edited here.
If your want to change the password of a POP3 Email account, you can simply change it here.
1. Select a POP3 Email account.
2. Enter the password twice and click reset.
You can delete a POP3 Email accout by selecting the account and click the delete button.

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